Deliverability Monitoring

If you ever wondered “are my emails in spam” this tool is for you.

Inboxbooster is a free tool to tell you when your mails are in spam. When we detect an email going to spam on Gmail, we will email you to warn you.

This is a surprisingly complicated subject because Google spam filter can send the same email to the spam folder or to the inbox. Its filter is smart enough to detect I love receiving emails about food delivery but you hate them.

The email below is in my spambox. I signed up for that newsletter. It’s from First Backer.

Most other people will receive it in their inbox but not me.

Tl;dr; the same email will be sent sometimes in spam, sometimes in inbox.

This concept makes traditional and expensive ways to measure deliverability obsolete such as sending an email to a test address or looking at open rates per domain.

Inboxbooster free deliverability detector tells you all this for free! And because we built it with a dataset of over 100 million emails we know the results are reliable.

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