Get out of Spam and Promotion

Send your email campaign to these addresses (not as a forward; with the actual software) and we’ll fix them with you.

A Letter From Our Founders

Thanks for checking us out. We are a new service created by Nicolas and Marcus. Our goal is to send your email back to the primary inbox. We have already sent over 100 emails to the inbox, including the YCombinator newsletter, Wizbii payment emails, and Zengo signup.

Once we have fixed your email, our software will ask you to pay what you want. Our recommended price isĀ $ 40. We only want you to pay this amount if you feel the price is fair.

New services such as ours live and die by their users. If you like us, please use us, give us feedback, improve your email with us, or discuss… Let’s set up a video chat ?

About Us

Nicolas and Marcus built this product. We are a proud two-people company. Nicolas is a deliverability expert. He co-founded an email delivery company and delivered more than 50 billion emails. Marcus is a recognized CTO who co-founded Pond5.