Inboxbooster 365

Inboxbooster 365 maximizes deliverability every single day. We automatically detect and resolve deliverability problems on Gmail, Outlook, and major spam filters including Barracuda, Proofpoint, Mimecast, and Yahoo.


Inbox Placement

QA Checks

DNS Checks

Domain Reputation




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Inboxbooster365 integrates natively with

Core Workflow

24/7 Monitoring

We connect to your mailbox or ESP non-stop, gathering anonymized data

Intelligent Analysis

Inboxbooster365 identifies ongoing deliverability issues


A resolution is launched to understand the root cause. We fix the issue for you or with you.

Slack Notification

You’re kept in the loop with detailed reports.


We built Inboxbooster on the idea that if we help users understand why they’re in spam, they can fix their emails, and stay in inbox.

We work in the background and silently

We automatically uncover why your email goes to spam or promotion.

We detect blocks for all major spam filters

We’ll tell you weekly what actions we took and what we found.

We connect to your GWorkspace or ESP account to gather the data we need.

We’ll share a Slack channel to discuss what we’re finding about your deliverability

Spam filters we monitor

Frequently Asked Questions

Unable to find the answers you are looking for? Reach out to our Support Team.

How do we know you re in spam

We embed a transparent GIF in your emails. This, combined with various other email data (like mail sent count, destination server, and template usage), feeds into our AI which has been trained on over 30 million emails.

We offer an add on with a dedicated domain for the transparent gif.

How do we know you are blocked somewhere?

Detecting blocks can be challenging. Our AI continuously scans for
potential server blocks using multiple data points, including email
bounces. By combining textual analysis and statistical data with metrics
such as open rates and clicks, we accurately identify your blocks

Do you store personal data?

Only temporarily. We retain some of your emails as example, but they removed after two months. We have an add on that scrubs all personal
data before we even interact with it.

Which email platforms do you work with?

Currently, we re compatible with Mandrill, SendGrid, and Google
Workspace. Got another one in mind? We re all ears and ready to expand
our list.